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Last updated 2002-09-22 (for v 0.99)   

EasySearch Documentation

About EasySearch
....What do I need to use EasySearch
....I found a bug. What do I do ?
....I have a cool idea for EasySearch. What do I do ?
....Other searchrelated projects on Mozdev

....Add search engines
....Search internet
........Search in a new tab
........Search in a new window
........Set default presentation of searchresult
....Search in page
....Default searchengine
........Clear the history
....Change textfield size
........Search categories
........Exclude search engines
........Set font-size in textfield
........Minimized mode

Known issues
....Netscape and Mozilla on the same PC?
....Browser crash
....Change textfield size
....History elements disappears
....Regarding uninstallation

About EasySearch

What do I need to use EasySearch [Top]
You need a Mozilla based browser for example Mozilla or Netscape 6+.
No other applications are needed for installing easysearch.

I found a bug. What do I do ? [Top]
Please fill in the bugreport form so we can remove the bug before the next version will be released.
You can also always email me at Please include the following information:

I have a cool idea for EasySearch. What do I do ? [Top]
Send me a mail ( and tell me about it!
You also add a comment to this project.

Other searchrelated projects on Mozdev [Top]
Mycroft. Add searchengines to your favorite browser!
Googlebar. Add a searchbar for Google!
Qlookup. Search Google from the context menu.


Installation [Top]
You can install two versions of EasySearch Toolbar.
As a stand-alone toolbar or as integrated into the personal toolbar.

Go to the Installation / Uninstallation page and choose what version you want to install.
If you are using Linux you have to be root to perform the installation.

In Unix/Linux you might have to change the CHMOD rights to the file easysearch.jar after the installation is completed.
Restart the browser and EasySearch should be ready to be used.

Upgrade [Top]
If you allready have a version of EasySearch installed you might have to skip the uninstallation of Easysearch before you install a newer version.
Go to the Installation / Uninstallation page and check if you can update to the new version. You can see what version you are using by opening the "About EasysSearch" dialog from the preferences.

Download and unzip the ZIP file to a temporary directory.
You will find both versions of the application in the zip file:
easysearch_p<version>.jar and easysearch_e<version>.jar
Rename the version you want to use to easysearch.jar and replace the old file in the Mozilla chrome directory.

Restart the browser and EasySearch should be ready to be used.

How to search [Top]
Choose what search engine you want to use.
Enter your search query in the textfield and...
*) Enter.
*) on the name of the searchengine.

Search in a new tab [Top]
Hold down the CTRL key when you search.
Look at "Set default presentation of searchresult" if you always want to search in a new tab.

Search in a new window [Top]
Hold down the ALT key when you search.
Look at "Set default presentation of searchresult" if you always want to search in a new window.

Set default presentation of searchresult [Top]
Added in version 0.99.
Right-click on the searchengine icon and choose "Search In..." and choose if you want to present your search result in:

Search in page [Top]
Enter your search query in the textfield and click on "In Page"
You can also select if you want the search to be backwards, wrap or / and match the case of your query.
You find the settings for this by clicking on the icon next to the "In Page" link.

Default searchengine [Top]
The default search engine is the same engine that triggers when you press the button "Search" in the location field of Mozilla.
You can change the default search engine by:
Right click on the selected engine on easysearch and choose "Set As Default".
Or in the menu:
Edit -> Preferences...Then choose: Navigator -> Internet Search

History [Top]
Your last five search querys will be saved in the history.
EasySearch will be set with the searchengine you were using and the query you entered if you select a previous search in the list.

Clear the history [Top]
You can clear the history by selecting "Clear history" in the history ;)

Change textfield size [Top]
You can change the textfield size by draggin the splitter to the right or to the left in both available versions.

Preferences [Top]
You will find the preferences for EasySearch in the menu:
Edit -> Preferences...
Then choose: Advanced -> EasySearch

Search categories [Top]
EasySearch are using Mozilla:s build in support for search engine categories.
You can edit the categories by entering "Categories...".
Select the category you want to use or you can choose to "view all" search engines.

Exclude search engines [Top]
If you want to hide some of the search engines available in the group you can do this by unchecking the searchengine(s) in the list. Click on the "Apply" button to save your new settings.

Note! You can NOT exclude the default search engine. Even if it's not listed in your category it will be included.
You can prevent this by setting another search engine as default.

Set font-size in textfield [Top]
You can set a fixed font-size if you dont want to use Mozilla:s default font-size in the textfield in the preferences.
This is recommended with some Mozilla skins.

Shortkeys [Top]
There are two shortkeys that makes you activate easysearch from the keyboard within the Navigator (the browser) in Mozilla.
CTRL + SHIFT + S = Will set focus on the search textfield.
CTRL + SHIFT + F = Will search In Page.

Minimized mode [Top]
Added version 0.99. A feature that hides everything except the search-textbox and the searchengine icon.
Useful if you want to save space for more bookmarks in the personal-toolbar version.

Known Issues

Netscape and Mozilla on the same PC? [Top]
You can have both Mozilla and Netscape on the same PC but there will be some problem because both Mozilla and Netscape are using the same profile! For example:
If you choosed to save your default search engine in Mozilla (OS = Windows) the preference for this in prefs.js will look like:
user_pref("", "engine://");
The next time you start Netscape it will not work because Netscape wants the engine to be defined in the home directory of Netscape.

My best recommendation is to 1) Use one of the browsers or 2) Change all the settings everytime you switch between the browsers. Fixed bugs to be able to do this from version 0.99.

Browser crash [Top]
Ofcourse we take it seriously if the browser crashes when using EasySearch.
Please always report this to us!

Installation [Top]
Unix/Linux: Install as ROOT. You might have to change the CHMOD rights on the file easysearch.jar in Mozilla:s chrome directory.

Change textfield size [Top]
In Mozilla 1.0 there are some issues with resizing the textfield.
This works better on Mozilla 1.1a+.

History elements disappear [Top]
History elements will be hidden if you have excluded their connected searchengine in the preferences.
Because the searchengine is not available the history element gets hidden.

Regarding uninstallation [Top]
7884 has been solved.
There is a possibility to create other scripts for this but we hope will fix this soon!

See the uninstallation notes.

Every release before version 1.0 of EasySearch from us should be considered an application still in progress.
We can not guarantee that EasySearch will work on _your_ Mozilla based browser.
But! We would ofcourse appreciate if you described your problem(s) with EasySearch by sending us an email so we could correct this into our next version.

The easysearch project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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